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In 1946, the water supply to the New River Head was truncated at Stoke Newington with the New River ending at the East Reservoir.

The East Reservoir is now known as Woodberry Wetlands - a 'nature reserve' managed by the London Wildlife Trust.

This short section of the New River was recreated as an amenity for the Park after long abandonment (September 2005)


The 20-mile New River runs through Ware and Hertford on its way to Stoke Newington.  Among the districts if flows through are - from North to South:

Great Amwell  





     Palmers Green

     Bowes Park

     Wood Green (close to Alexandra Palace)



Finsbury Park

Its original end, near Clerkenwell in Islington, at a place which became known as the 'New River Head' where the water filled a large cistern - the Round Pond - next to the  Sadler's Wells Theatre.

Water from the River was used to flood a large tank to stage an Aquatic Theatre at the beginning of the 19th Century.

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